Modifying manifolds for the turbo kit

Picked up a Hobart Handler 210MVP welder and decided to put my welding lessons to use.  My truck manifolds had 2 cracks in them and a hole that I accidentally created when cleaning up bosses.   So I welded up the hole, blended it in and then fixed the 2 cracks.  I’ll blend those in also and add v-bands to them.   Then I picked up a set of JBA shorty headers, cut off the flanges and welded some v-band flanges on them.   Most likely I’ll use the JBA headers but I figured I’d modify both just for the heck of it.  In a few weeks I’ll start on turbo placement in the Camaro and fabbing up the piping.  Plenty of pics to come!


20141022_200424   20141006_20553720141022_18324820141020_193340


This is the truck manifold welded and blended.  The second pic on the right is the headers (need to add more weld and blend it that way it looks better), then the finished truck manifolds with v-bands.

20141023_174535 20141023_184329