Picked up a 406 SBC and a TH350 race prepped trans

A good friend of mine found a 406 SBC and short shaft TH350 race prepped trans with a converter.   I drove down to check it out.  The price was too good to pass up.  Had it pulled, loaded her up and brought her home.  Its a fresh engine with little to no miles.  The owner unfortunately passed away, car changed hands and he had other ideas on which direction to go.  It needs some cleaning up, so here we go..

The casting number on this 400 block is 330817, so looking it up on MorTec it shows its a 72-80 2-bolt block.  Perfect.  Lots of debate on whether a 4 bolt is weaker than a 2 bolt in these 400 blocks.  The only thing the owner knew was that it has H-beam rods, Sportsman II heads and of course the obvious stamping of “Performer” on the intake, unknown cam.  Being that I’ll be cleaning it up and replacing the timing cover with a better looking one, I’ll check out which cam it has.  Lets get to the pics.

Engine with a serpentine setup.  This was out of a ’66 Chevelle.  It didnt have AC but the owner left it on so he could use the serpentine setup.  Power steering not hooked up.

resized-DSC01481 resized-DSC01482 resized-DSC01483 resized-DSC01485


I’m not going to run any accessories other than the alternator, so I’m going to switch to a single V belt.  Lets get on to the cleaning and re-painting.

resized-DSC01486 resized-DSC01487


Repainted block.



Once I got done with painting, I took off the timing cover, timing chain and there ya go… CompCAMS 292H cam installed.  Next up is cleaning up the valve covers, replace the timing cover, clean up the oil pan and also to repaint the intake.


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