PiDash Status

Its been a few months since I had any PiDash update. Car has been down for some maintenance during that timeframe so I havent had a chance to mess with PiDash *in the car*. I did make a change. Bought a new Pi4 and updated it to boot off of USB. I now have two Pi4’s. One has the standard SD boot and the other, USB. I will copy over my configuration and test to see which is faster. Updates soon!

2 Responses to PiDash Status

  1. I think a firmware update to the Pi4 should let you use the same image on both SD or USB. I think I’ve tried it both ways now and it works. Was to have a USB backup in case the Flash failed where I couldn’t address it.

    • You’re right but for some reason, its horribly slow on my Pi4 (to boot from USB). I am going to try again with a different brand of USB flash drive to see if that helps.