Arduino Dash WiKi

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(This page is updated as I get time and/or fix bugs/add features)


  • Arduino Dash UPDATES

ANY BUG Fixes or updates: Follow the link below to re-download from the site and how to upload it to your Arduino. As I fix bugs or add updates, I will remove the previous “Fixes or updates” notes since what I release will include and/or supersede the previous Fixes or updates.

11/28/2022 Created link specifically for Arduino Dash Hardware requirements.
11/28/2022 Cleaned up instructions so they can have links direct to the hardware requirements.
11/28/2022 The layout in the video below is for the 4.3″ BASIC display which is available now. The 7″ ENHANCED display has the old layout. Give me a few days to modify the 7″ layout for it to be available.

Read here for Arduino Dash Hardware Requirements.
Its ready for download!  Click here to read install instructions.
If you already know how to install, jump straight to the Arduino Dash Downloads Page.

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