NexGenEFI Digital Dash Community Edition WiKi

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TO SUPPORT the NexGenEFI Digital Dash Community Edition you can use the following:

05/04/2023    THIS PAGE WILL NO LONGER BE UPDATED.  PLEASE GO TO THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE FOR NexGenEFI.  Content will be removed in the next few weeks.


(This page is updated as I get time and/or fix bugs/add features)

ANY BUG Fixes or updates: Follow the link below to re-download from the site and how to upload it to your Arduino. As I fix bugs or add updates, I will remove the previous “Fixes or updates” notes since what I release will include and/or supersede the previous Fixes or updates.

03/05/2023 Re-branding. There will be two versions of the digital dash. The OFFICIAL product name is the NexGenEFI Digital Dash. There is a Community Edition which is FREE/DIY for the Arduino Mega. You buy the hardware, you put it together. All you need is to install my binary and layouts.
The ARDUINO MEGA based digital dash will no longer receive updates. v0.09g is the last version other than bug fixes for 6 months.

I am moving to the ESP32 for the NexGenEFI Digital Dash Community Edition and want to concentrate my effort on supporting one chip only. This is ONLY AVAILABLE to individuals who donate via BuyMeCoffee.

Then there is the Pro Edition which will feature a custom PCB, custom case, LED for shift lights, custom layouts NOT AVAILABLE for the Community Edition, OTA updates, dual screen support, AMPSEAL connections and much more. The price has not been set for the Pro Edition but it will be VERY COMPETITIVELY priced.

Read here for NexGenEFI Digital Dash Community Edition Hardware Requirements.
Its ready for download!  Click here to read install instructions.
If you already know how to install, jump straight to the NexGenEFI Digital Dash Community Edition Downloads Page.

1. Architecture/design overview of the dash.
2. Creating your own layouts, Part 1.
3. Creating your own layouts, Part 2.

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