Arduino Dash beta ready for download

Initial Requirements

DISCLAIMER: This software is provided without any warranty expressed or implied. Use of this software is all on you bud.
There may be bugs that I need to fix, so check back regularly for updates.
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First and foremost you need to read what you need when it comes to hardware. Read this first!

Software Requirements

Download AVRDUDESS for Windows, if you’re using Windows. This is to upload the compiled dash to the Arduino.
Clicky here to get it.

Format your microSD card for the Nextion software
Buy a MicroSD card and Format it in Windows to FAT32. Basically put in your Windows machine, select Format.

Where you’re at right now
1. You have your hardware.
2. You’ve installed AVRDUDESS which enables you to copy the compiled Arduino Dash to the Arduino UNO R3.
3. You’ve formatted a microSD card which you’ll copy the Arduino Dash layout to.

Download the Arduino Dash Beta version

Arduino Digital Dash Downloads Page

Download the Nextion Display layout

Arduino Digital Dash Downloads Page

Configure CAN using TunerStudio

We need to send data from the MS3 box to the Arduino CANbus Shield. Change your settings to these. Ensure your base identifier is 1520.

Installing CANBus Shield onto the Arduino Mega

Very simple. It only plugs in one way. Look at my picture, look at what you have. Plug it in and ensure its firmly seated. I have a microSD card plugged into the CANbus Shield, ignore that. Look at the wiring harness that comes with the Nextion display. Same colors, plug into the same pins like in the pics.

Wiring Display to the CANBus Shield

There are 4 wires to connect.

1. Red wire from the display to a 5V power source.
2. Black wire from the display to the GND.
3. Blue wire from the display to the RX1 PIN 19 on the Arduino Mega board.
4. Yellow wire from the display to the TX1 PIN 18 on the Arduino Mega board.

You can add some hot glue to hold the pins in.

Grove GPS v1.2 connection to Arduino Digital Dash
See above pics.

1. Yellow from Grove GPS to Pin 17 RX2.
2. White from Grove GPS to Pin 16 TX2.
3. Red from Grove GPS to CANBus Shield 5V.
4. Black from Grove GPS to CANBus Shield GND.

Powering the Arduino Digital Dash

The Arduino Mega, Grove GPS v1.2, CANBus Shield 2.0 can all be powered off of the Mega. You will need to power the Mega via the barrel plug on the side as pictured below. Its a 5.5mm/2.1mm DC barrel plug, center positive, Recommended 9V-12V @ 2A.

OR the below. Just ensure you can get to the USB connection. This will be utilized to update the software when a new release is ready.

1. 12V to 5V USB.

Installing the Arduino Dash software


1. Select “Arduino” as the Programmer.
2. Ensure your Arduino is connected via USB to the laptop/computer.
3. You are connecting to COM1,2,3 or 4. NOT USB. This is a serial interface even though its connected via USB. Mine happened to be COM4, so I selected it.
4. On the top right for MCU, select AtMega2560
5. Flash. Click the 3 dots to the right and find the .HEX file you downloaded, select it.
6. Click GO. It will upload the code to the Arduino and you should see a similar message in the black box like I have in my screenshot.
7. Arduino is ready.

Copying Nextion layout

1. Insert that microSD card in and the .TFT file you downloaded earlier, copy it to the microSD card.
2. At this point, you have the display plugged into the CANbus Shield, everything is powered on.
3. Insert microSD card into the Nextion Display.
4. Unplug red wire from display that is connected to the CANbus shield.
5. Plug red wire back in.
6. Nextion display will say, uploading or whatever. It will copy the .TFT file to the display.
7. Once complete, remove microSD card.
8. Power cycle the Arduino and you should see the a layout.
9. Press the SHIFT LIGHT and CONFIGURE your ECU, Warning lights and DEFAULT Layout. If you dont, the dash will not function properly. At the time of this writing, I may create defaults if there are none. Double check them.

Connecting to the MS3

CANL to CANL on the CANbus Shield
CANH to CANH on the CANbus Shield

Start up your car!

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