NexGenEFI Digital Dash Community Edition Hardware Requirements

** My layouts will ONLY be available for the 7″ and 10″ INTELLIGENT series, maybe the 4.3″ INTELLIGENT series if there is a need. I can support other Nextion INTELLIGENT series displays but it requires manual editing of layouts which is a lower priority. **
** REQUIREMENTS might change, best to read up on the Official FB Page. **

NexGenEFI Digital Dash Community Edition Hardware Requirements

32gb/64gb microSD card: REQUIRED!

1. Lexar 32gb $11.99

Arduino Mega R3

1. Elegoo MEGA R3 $19.99

You can purchase a 7″ INTELLIGENT Nextion display, these SPECIFIC MODELS. If you want a bigger/smaller Nextion display, get with me on the FB Page.

1. Nextion 7″ INTELLIGENT Series display

SeeedStudio CANBus Shield 2.0, even if using Speeduino SERIAL you NEED THIS ALSO!

1. SeeedStudio CANBus Shield 2.0 $27

Grove GPS v1.2 with the SIM28 chip

1. Purchase that here. If its sold out, you can purchase elsewhere.


The Arduino Mega, Grove GPS v1.2, CANBus Shield 2.0 can all be powered off of the Mega. You will need to power the Mega via the barrel plug on the side as pictured below. Its a 5.5mm/2.1mm DC barrel plug, center positive, Recommended 9V-12V @ 2A.

OR the below. Just ensure you can get to the USB connection. This will be utilized to update the software when a new release is ready.

1. 12V to 5V USB.

Powering the Nextion Display

It only requires 5V. There are 4 wires to the Nextion. The RED is 5V power, BLACK is ground.

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