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(This page is updated as I get time and/or fix bugs/add features)

  • NEWS

07/30/2020 Added by request, “unclutter” which is a Linux app that hides the mouse pointer.
Removed boot messages, or at least minimized them.
*Configured USB version. This will be a major update, so it will be in the 1.6 release.*

I DID setup a USB version as stated in the 07/30/2020 update and it actually is faster, about 6 seconds faster. I have not released it to anyone just yet on purpose. Accidentally I did send it to a FB friend but he’s booting from SD so he will not use that feature yet. LOL

Removed links to versions prior to 1.5.3. No longer supporting those versions.

I created a directory on my site for PIDASH updates. I will be placing updates there that do NOT require a complete reimage. Those will be for hot-fixes as described in the error above. I will also create a video explaining how to do the update.

08/29/2020 Version is ready. It is an upgrade, not a complete re-install. Scroll down to the “Latest STABLE Version” for instructions.

09/09/2020 Updated How to Configure/Troubleshoot WiFi. Some Windows users are having problems connecting to the SAMBA share to download files from the PiDash. The fix is on the Windows side.

11/20/2020 Updated Troubleshooting section and added commands on how to sync the clock when you’re on the network.

  • Upcoming PiDash Changes

08/29/2020 USB Version.

09/04/2020 Support for Mausberry Power switch.


  • Latest STABLE Version

You can always download the latest version specifically on this page. Updates may happen frequently depending on the criticality of the bug or demand of a specific feature. Versions PRE-1.5 are no longer supported.

08/28/2020 Version v1.5.3.1

1. Added ‘unclutter’. It hides the mouse pointer after a few seconds of no movement.
2. Updated Enable Direct and Disable Direct scripts.
3. Updated network config to address HotSpot bug.
4. Created pidashver script which will tell you what version of PiDash you are running, along with Release notes.
5. Created pidashsu script which will update the main update script. Can be run at any time.
6. Created /etc/pidash which will be used to keep various PiDash files now and over time.
7. Updated my website to support updates to PiDash via command-line download.

DOES NOT REQUIRE A IMAGE DOWNLOAD. You must be running version 1.5.3 for this update.

Make sure you are connected to the internet. Click HERE for PiDash networking instructions.

From a terminal, type the following:
wget --no-check-certificate --user-agent=Mozilla

Once it downloads the update script, type the below:
chmod +x

To upgrade from 1.5.3 to type the following:

05/02/2020 Version v1.5.3 DOWNLOAD HERE

Downgraded OpenJDK 11 to OpenJDK 8. TunerStudio loads up a few seconds quicker with this version.
Disabled smbd and hostapd in dietpi-services since I did not want DietPi controlling when it starts. Knocks off 2 seconds on boot.

04/30/2020 Version v1.5.2

DietPi OS Update.
Implementing a much easier way to connect to WiFi Networks which will eliminate editing any text files. Will be using Wicd which is a graphical interface to connect to wireless networks.
PiDash Wicd Networking Instructions.
Fixing permissions issue again for transferred files.

04/28/2020 Version v1.5.1

Possible issue for Windows 7 users not able to access tunerstudio_share via Direct Connect and possible WiFi. Updated smb.conf to support max protocol of SMB2. Tested under Windows 7 and Windows 10.

04/27/2020 Version v1.5

Another fix for a permissions issue that may/may not happen when transferring files. If you’re having this issue, download this version.
Cosmetic change, the toolbar on the bottom now auto-hides by default.


  • Latest BETA Version

None yet.



Depending on criticality, if its not a show stopper, the bug will not be fixed right away.
None yet.


  • Documentation changes

05/02/2020 Added a screenshot in the PiDash Wicd Networking page. Screenshot shows where to look to find the PiDash IP after connecting to your wireless router/hotspot.


  • About

PiDash was created out of necessity since I did not want to carry around a laptop to monitor my Turbo Camaro.
PiDash consists of DietPi with some modifications to remove unneeded resources and settings which are enabled on an as-needed basis.
PiDash is FREE. If you use it, a “Thank you!” is as good as money!
PiDash probably has some bugs, please REPORT them by clicking HERE.


  • What is my build using?

Raspberry Pi4 (2GB version is fine) $45
16gb microSD card $6
Longrunner 7″ touch screen $62
Windshield mount (if thats what you’re doing) $15
Raspberry Pi4 aluminum case with dual fans $25
10Hz GPS $70


  • Requirements

Raspberry Pi 4 2gb OR Raspberry Pi 3b+
16GB MicroSD card

Windows 7/10, Linux, OSX, *nix.


  • Writing the .IMG file to a MicroSD card

How to write the .IMG file to a MicroSD Card.


  • Installation, WiFi Direct & WiFi Networking configuration, Transferring Files

How to install, configure and use PiDash


  • Troubleshooting

Please make sure you READ the post and WATCH THE VIDEO in the link below FIRST.
How to install, configure and use PiDash

Slow boot time
1. If you forget to disable WiFi Direct or WiFi Networking, your PiDash will probably take quite some time to boot up. When you do boot up, minimize or exit TunerStudio and click on Disable Direct or Disable Network.

I cannot see my tunerstudio_share and I’m using Windows 7
You might need to manually mount if it does not work from File Explorer. You will do it like so:

net use Z: \\\tunerstudio_share

Then head back to File Explorer and find the Z: drive. Double click and there you go. If you already have a Z: drive, pick a letter you dont have, like Y: or X:

WiFi Networking PRE 1.5.2- I cant connect to my wireless router from PiDash!
How to Configure/Troubleshoot WiFi

WiFi Networking 1.5.2 Instructions
PiDash Wicd Networking

Where do I put my Project/Tune Files?
There is a directory called TunerStudioProjects. This is the only location you should put them in otherwise you may have permissions issues transferring files. Its not a show stopper so I’ll probably fix that next version.

Why doesn’t my version of TunerStudio auto shut down when I exit TunerStudio?
TunerStudio Ultra (beta) has a feature where you can set a button on your dash to shut down the PiDash by clicking or touching (if you have a touchscreen) the button. You must configure that manually.
If you do not have TunerStudio Ultra (beta), you will need to exit TS and click shutdown. I will be making a feature to enable auto-shutdown on TunerStudio exit for the users who do not wish to buy TunerStudio Ultra.

What if I just power down my PiDash without shutting down with the Shutdown icon?
Well…the filesystem will probably save your butt on next boot but the problem is, you may lose your datalog you just created.

What if there is a feature I want, how do I ask for it?
Email me or post up on the Official PiDash Facebook page.

My clock is wrong! What gives?
Unless you have a RTC (Real-Time clock) module, your time will be off. In order to sync the clock, first connect to the network and then click on the Command Line icon (bottom left, black monitor icon) and type the following:

systemctl start systemd-timesyncd.service
systemctl daemon-reload

Then do what you need to do and then disable it.

systemctl stop systemd-timesyncd.service
systemctl daemon-reload


  • How to ask for Help

1. With WiFi Networking issues
Make sure you go thru How to Configure/Troubleshoot WiFi . I will need screenshots of your output. Do not ask for help without following this link and getting screenshots/pic with your phone.

2. With WiFi Direct issues
I will need a screenshot or picture of the screen after you click on “Enable Direct”.

3. With TunerStudio Datalog/Dash/copying issues
I will need a screenshot or picture of the error or a description of what the error states, along with what you’re trying to do.


  • Miscellaneous questions

I’m running Raspbian/DietPi/Debian and I just want to make your changes to my version. How?
Most is documented on this site, go thru it. SAMBA, WiFi Direct and WiFi Networking is available via google. Why I configured what I did, too tired to rehash. You’ll need to figure it out.

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