Making changes to my personal setup

I’m finding that acquiring time from GPS works, TunerStudio will be datalogging as soon as it starts running, well, that’s how mine is configured. GPS time will sync but I’m not sure how that will affect the logs and whatnot. My problem is that the real-time clock (RTC) module will hit the aluminum heat sink and short out so I bought a new case to put all of this in. I bought the adafruit RTC and then one off of Amazon. The Amazon version has pins that will let me plug in the fan from the new case. I’ve had an RTC but misplaced it. Its a simple setup. Plug it in, configure it, set the time and then it’ll keep track on its own.

Now, the second part is also interesting. The biggest slowdown isnt loading into Linux. I can do that pretty damn quick with or without X running. Its loading TunerStudio and my tune. I can switch to USB but I forget what time savings it gave me. I’ll move it to USB boot and report results. But thats not the second part. How else do you get faster? Buy another small board computer that has some extra features! In the second pic you’ll see the ODROID-N2+ board. It has more horsepower than the Pi4 AND it has an eMMC which is MUCH faster than USB and microSD! I’ll need to install Linux, lean it out, make my changes, copy over Updater and test but it should get me what I’m after. A much faster bootup into a working/datalogging TunerStudio setup.