Rottler F-65 CNC Machine fixed.

I was tasked with bringing this Rottler F-65 running an Actek PC back to life.
The software is no longer available and the Actek PC is super old. The hard drive went out along with the PSU and bad memory. I was able to fix the Actek computer but the hard drive was shot.

What I ended up doing was writing some custom software to pull data off of the original 3.5″ floppy disks. I was able to pull off the “Rottler” install and the “FlexCAM/FlexCNC” install. The “Shutdown” software I wasnt able to fully recover but from what I saw, it wasnt needed.

In addition to software recovery I built a small industrial PC, installed Windows 10 and a USB to Serial cable. Had to make sure the settings were correct on the Rottler software side and the PC side. Worked out well!