SBC Intake replacement, redux.

Well…in my previous post where I swapped intakes, I had a small leak around the water ports.   Tried it twice.   After looking at it and heading to my local machine shop, Kendrick Automotive, the determination was made that the intake was milled.  It was noticeable after comparing it to another Victor Jr..  It could have been used anyway by utilizing thicker intake gaskets.   While I was there at Kendrick Auto, they have a new and used parts section where Tommy directed me to a ProComp intake, pictured below.  It is essentially a clone of a Super Victor intake from Edelbrock.   After reading reviews, its actually a pretty damn good intake.   Well, I picked it up, painted it and installed it.  The same installation procedure went into this one as the previous intake swap post, so you can follow the steps there.  I did have to reset timing by hand..might put up a few pics on how to do that.


20131118_160905 20131118_17592620131119_171643