Some new updates..nothin to write home about though.

In my previous update I did the turbo –> intercooler tubing but needed another silicone coupler.  Bought that along with some tubing so I can finish routing from the intercooler –> carb hat.  Waiting on my CSU Carbs carb hat to come in and after that, relocating my radiator to the back underneath.  Should be pretty fuckin awesome.

When I first took welding lessons I picked up a Harbor Freight welding helmet, well, it was time for a better helmet so I ended up buying a Save Phace Venom helmet and boy..big difference…price wise also.  The Harbor Freight Helmet is $55 and the Save Phace is $160, but while welding, big difference in how clear you can see while welding.  Highly recommend it.  Anyway, pics of intercooler tubing, more tubing and of course the new helmet.


20150528_170547 20150528_170602 20150528_170621 11254315_10206842649129926_2587503208547588268_n 11351117_10206836631219482_6076648129499435376_n