Testing the PiDash in the Turbo Camaro

I bought a 7″ tablet mount that suction cups to the windshield. Wanted to see if this PiDash would work well in my Turbo Camaro. Because of the lack of depth I cannot get the PiDash exactly center mounted but thats ok. It’ll replace my gauges so all I need it to do is hold on and not fall off. Another issue is heat from direct sunlight. If its 100* or more outside, I doubt I’ll be driving this monster around as it just gets too hot around here without A/C. LOL.

Here’s a pic of the PiDash mounted. I had to pull over at the gas station and edit the gauge spacing since RPM was overlapped and I wanted the AFR text a little bigger. It held up well going over bumps here and there. Pretty stable.