Time for another update…

WOW.. didnt realize I hadnt updated since early November 2016.   With the holidays coming up, not much work was done.  Actually, very little other than spend money for parts that were needed.   Lots of the wiring is done and is gettin there.

Ended up picking up a Cool Mist water/methanol injection kit, Derale oil cooler with a fan, Derale trans cooler, a steam vent kit for LS engines, 2 JEGS race seats.   In my previous post I mentioned that I bought a el-cheapo refurb laptop to learn tuning.  Since I’m running EFI Source MS3-Gold I  needed to learn how to tune this beast.   Sloppy Mechanics has a series of videos you can buy that explain how to do so with real-time dyno vids and explanations.  Its well worth the money.

OH.   Forgot, I did remove the center section.  My 4.30 gears would be no fun on the street.  It had quite a bit of slop, so either it had used gears in it or they were just worn the hell out.   I’ll remove the rear, wire brush itHopefully in the next week or two lots more progress will be complete.