Why you should not do business with Mosmeyer Automotive/Gene Mosmeyer

OCTOBER 2, 2019:

A few months back I sued Gene Mosmeyer in Poth Texas due to taking $1000 for labor on my Turbo Camaro and not only NOT completing it, but disassembling various portions of my Turbo Camaro and leaving them disassembled. I’ve given numerous opportunities, even willing to accept an “apology” for his mistake and overlooking the refund of the $1000 that I paid in cash. Being that Gene Mosmeyer is still publicly trying to deflect blame, I will leave this up to let anyone know who even considered taking their vehicle to his run down shop, to steer clear!

The specific work I needed done was to adjust the drain line out of my turbo and if there was time, to look at various small issues to knock them out. Instead of doing so, Gene disassembled various parts like my fuel pressure regulator, fuel system, cold side on the turbo, was going to modify my transmission pan for some sort of “sight glass” (WTF right?), replaced my temporary upper radiator hose with PVC pipe and incorrectly measured the driveshaft lenght required for my setup. Pictures of shoddy work below along with the PDF and text messages between he and I backing up my claim.

Enjoy..and stay away from Mosmeyer Automotive in Poth Texas, including Gene Mosmeyer. What is not posted is the racist slurs he used in text. I believe I dont need to post that as what I have shown is enough…but I can if requested.

NOTE: I’ve known Gene before this for over 10 years. He screwed over someone that was a friend at the time, so if he does that to a friend, watch out…. You’ve been warned!

UPDATE 09/10/2021: Gene Mosmeyer tried to keep his brother Lynn’s vehicle due to some false claim that Lynn has not paid for labor. An attorney got involved and Lynn’s vehicle was returned to him. Steer clear of that crook Gene Mosmeyer in Poth Texas.

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