Why you should not do business with Mosmeyer Automotive/Gene Mosmeyer

In an effort to clean up my page that way the updates that are PiDash and my turbo Camaro related are not drowned out, click the Continue Reading button below to read about the crook Gene Mosmeyer and his now defunct shop Mosmeyer Automotive.

OCTOBER 2, 2019:

A few months back I sued Gene Mosmeyer in Poth Texas due to taking $1000 for labor on my Turbo Camaro and not only NOT completing it, but disassembling various portions of my Turbo Camaro and leaving them disassembled. I’ve given numerous opportunities, even willing to accept an “apology” for his mistake and overlooking the refund of the $1000 that I paid in cash. Being that Gene Mosmeyer is still publicly trying to deflect blame, I will leave this up to let anyone know who even considered taking their vehicle to his run down shop, to steer clear!

The specific work I needed done was to adjust the drain line out of my turbo and if there was time, to look at various small issues to knock them out. Instead of doing so, Gene disassembled various parts like my fuel pressure regulator, fuel system, cold side on the turbo, was going to modify my transmission pan for some sort of “sight glass” (WTF right?), replaced my temporary upper radiator hose with PVC pipe and incorrectly measured the driveshaft lenght required for my setup. Pictures of shoddy work below along with the PDF and text messages between he and I backing up my claim.

Enjoy..and stay away from Mosmeyer Automotive in Poth Texas, including Gene Mosmeyer. What is not posted is the racist slurs he used in text. I believe I dont need to post that as what I have shown is enough…but I can if requested.

NOTE: I’ve known Gene before this for over 10 years. He screwed over someone that was a friend at the time, so if he does that to a friend, watch out…. You’ve been warned!

UPDATE 09/10/2021: Gene Mosmeyer tried to keep his brother Lynn’s vehicle due to some false claim that Lynn has not paid for labor. An attorney got involved and Lynn’s vehicle was returned to him. Currently the vehicle is being repaired due to POOR AND UNWANTED modifications made by Gene Mosmeyer/Mosmeyer Automotive. Steer clear of that crook Gene Mosmeyer in Poth Texas.

Below you’ll see the “fabricated” rear suspension setup Gene did on his brothers pro-street ride. You call this “professional” and “safe”? This is the biggest hack job rear suspension setup I have ever seen. Even if you look past the shoddy fabrication, its not even level. The cut off image above it is Lynn’s vehicle with fully inflated tires. Look at how low that “custom fabricated suspension” sits. It will hit anything and everything on the road. Gene definitely isnt a chassis builder by any means. I’ve seen junk fabrication like this on old 70’s drag cars, thats probably where his skillset lies. This was taken directly from Gene’s Facebook page where he does everything he can to prop himself up as if he’s a professional. This is what Lynn paid a few thousand for. This is how it was given back to him! WOOOOW. Anyone with a pro street or drag car knows that isn’t proper chassis fabrication. Did his own brother dirty.

There’s a reason there aren’t ANY CUSTOMER VEHICLES at his shop. People vote with their wallet, and it is definitely noticeable.

UPDATE 04/27/2022:
Its been quite some time since I’ve given an actual update from my original issue. I didnt care to keep this updated unless it was something major (like the above update) because it doesnt matter anymore and I just dont care but since he keeps moving his mouth I’ll update. Well, I’ve walked away from doing business with that crooked shop in Poth and by looking at my pictures on this site, my turbo Camaro is better for it. Runs excellent, hooks hard and goes straight. Now getting back to the crook Gene Mosmeyer.

Over the past 2.5yrs or so since I created this page on my website Gene has tried thru all of my social media channels to send me private messages trying to harass me on a constant basis almost weekly (during the timeframe of 1am, 2am, 3am), beg me to delete this page, trying his best to discredit me and so on. He’s went as far as creating fake Facebook profiles to try to message me. I’ve screenshot the messages for future legal recourse then just laugh and enjoy. To this day he still tries to contact me. Like that ex girlfriend you had you tell her you want nothing to do with her and yet there she is, trying to be in your life, trying to contact you. Thats Gene Mosmeyer. Almost *3 years later*. LMAO. What a total loser. I’ve been told thru the grapevine that his Facebook page is updated almost on a daily basis with my name on it. Talk about living rent free in his head. Go ahead and look it up it should be public, laugh with me as you go thru days, months, years about him constantly thinking about me and talking about me. Read all the ramblings of an incoherent old man with what sounds like a case of bipolar disorder. LMAO!!!

Thru that same grapevine I heard his business is shot. Its been going down hill for quite some time, even before the drama with myself and his brother. I knew him while he was still married and then the subsequent divorce. Everything fell apart after that divorce. She’s better off for it.

You reap what you sow and there you have the life of a crook. Karma.

The above is the rear suspension setup Gene fabricated on his brother Lynn’s vehicle. Looks like some Lowes or Home Depot square tubing and its crooked on top of that.

Gene’s PVC tubing… professional fabrication. LOL

04/28/2022 COMING UP! Messages from Gene Mosmeyer direct to me stating his brother Lynn’s vehicle is crooked/dog walks. Why would it dogwalk? Who’s the last guy that fabricated the suspension setup?? LMAO!! GENE FABBED IT UP! LMAO!! He shit on his own fab work!!

Here is a direct link to the below image if you cannot see it clear enough. CLICK HERE.

Remember I told you about incoherent rambling of Gene Mosmeyer? Here is another message to me from that slack jawed, one tooth shade tree mechanic. What kind of drugs is he on?? Read and laugh like my buddies and I did. His comment of “You should have gone away quietly”. Yea, not going to happen. I’m spreading awareness about his crooked business that way you can decide if you want to deal with that kind of individual. I’ve had others in the Poth and surrounding areas message me and applauding my page along with thanking me since they went thru issues with him and his shop. You’re very welcome! Glad I can be of assistance.

Here is a direct link to the below image if you cannot see it clear enough. CLICK HERE.


You know, I usually dont get involved with other people’s problems with Gene. But since Lynn and I are FB Friends and have an issue with the same individual, he let me know what is wrong with his 55 Chevy after Gene modified it. Gene doesnt want anyone like myself, Lynn and other individuals in Poth who had issues with him (they want to remain silent and you can see why just by looking at how unethical and unprofessional Gene is) to say anything publicly. Just by looking at his incoherent rambling and his comment of “You should have gone away quietly” from his message above you can look at how he operates.

Let me give you an analogy. Lets say there is a murderer on trial and then the family shows pictures of how “good this kid was”. They show pictures of him riding his bicycle, first job, first car, etc. Then BAM, dude goes on a killing spree. “But he was a good kid!!”. What is the judge supposed to say in that case? “Well I guess I’ll let him go.”. That’s what Gene is doing. “Hey look at all of this work I’ve done in the past, see! I am a ‘professional’..”. But then he screws over some people and keeps relying on past work. People judge you how you are NOW, by your actions, not from when you rode your bicycle.

Lets jump to Lynn’s issue on his 55 Chevy which was extensively modified by Gene. Not my words, here is the man himself, direct to me via FB with his permission. You be the judge. Like I’ve said before steer clear of Gene.

05/08/2022 Lynn asked me to remove the screenshot of what he sent me regarding the shoddy work Gene did on his 55 Chevy. Lynn is a stand-up guy, so I will blur out (I still have the original which can be seen by clicking here.) the description from Lynn BUT, I’ll add my diagnosis below.

As stated in Gene’s message to me last year that Lynn’s 55 Chevy “dog walks” and is “crooked” lets have a look at the below picture at specific changes. What Gene was trying to accomplish in #1 below was a coil-over suspension setup without having to back-half the 55. Back-halfing it would require cutting up from the “back half” of the 55 and welding in an aftermarket rear suspension setup aka “back half”. While the concept of what he was doing was sound, if its croooked and dogwalking, it has to do with his modifications. All of that was modified by Gene.

#2 in the picture below are “lift bars”. Basically its 1970’s answer to weight transfer. That square tubing is bolted to the front of the frame and literally runs all the way back underneath the car. Its about 2″ off the ground. Thats what I stated earlier would hit anything and everything on the road. Is the concept good? Yea if it doesnt hit everything on the road but again, if you want something done right with something proven by companies that spent millions in R&D, you buy a back half kit and weld it in. You dont go back to the 1970’s and regurgitate.

Dont even get me started on those coolers, that is asking for some overheating right there. Good news is, its being addressed by a different shop.

Why is the exhaust crooked? Cant get a mandrel bent 90 and do it cleaner?

*Bonus points to the individuals who look at the picture and see welds that arent complete. I’ll give you one location, passenger side, by the filter. That square tubing was added by Gene, you can see where the weld isnt finished to the frame. Man, give me 15 minutes, measuring tape and a camera. I’ll show you some shit work.

At the end of the day, when you pay someone for X amount of work, you pay for “X amount of *completed* work”. Not unfinished work. Refer to the second to the last sentence in the paragraph above. I know where the 55 is at, but I know I’ve torn Gene at least 200 new buttholes already. I dont think he has room for another. LMAO.

Uh ooohhhh. Looks like good ‘ol Alex knows quite a bit more than given credit for. Anyone see me roll thru Floresville in the turbo Camaro on Cinco De Mayo? Yessir. 140 mile round trip. Spent a few hours there in my old hometown. I’ll be heading down frequently.

Ooops..I guess the truth was going to come out one day, huh Gene?

Feel free to sign Gene up for any type of phone calls or emails. 830-484-2030 or mosperf@hotmail.com.

06/03/2022 According to Lynn, Gene has returned SOME of the parts that belong to him. Still outstanding and NOT returned is a driveshaft, turbo manifold, 3″ exhaust system, new aluminum radiator, valve springs and one 8″ Corvette ralley wheel.

At least Lynn is getting stuff back, which is good. ME? I’d rather have NOTHING to do with that CROOK GENE MOSMEYER. Keep the $1k. I’d rather this page stay up to ensure nobody ever deals with that CROOK!

Oh I’m not even done yet. There is so much more dirt that I haven’t posted. Like how he gave up on his biological child….annnnnnndddd MORE!