Arduino Dash beta release *FREE*

Ok, I think I’m pretty much ready to release the text based version of the instant-on Arduino based dash for MegaSquirt EFI.

There are few things you’ll need to know. This is not a data logger, its an instant-on version of a digital dash for your EFI setup. I was originally going to charge for this first version ($100 or less) but I’m not in it for the money, I have enough of that. I had fun writing this software so I figured I’d give it away.

What you need:

  • MicroSD card at least 32gb*
  • Arduino Uno R3 or a “Uno R3” knockoff (Elegoo Uno R3 etc)
  • CanBUS Shield 2.0 from Seeed Studio
  • Nextion Display

MicroSD Card

Pretty much any decent brand. I’m using a Samsung EVO 64gb because I had that laying around.

Arduino Board / CANBus Board / Display

Read here for the Arduino Dash Hardware Requirements.

The text in the Display section below, I left it since it has some info you might want to know.


The initial version will look like the below. It is a 4.3″ Nextion display, kinda tiny but hey, someone may want a smaller display. Its part #NX4827T043_011 and its on Amazon for $64. There is also a 7″ version part #NX8048K070_011C on Amazon and its $125. The 7″ version comes in a housing, so you might be able to just find the display if thats what you want and could save a few $.

Here is a link to the “basic series” displays from Nextion. I would stick with a 7″ display as the biggest. They do have a 10.1″ but its their “intelligent series” and might be pricey ($180). But you CAN purchase the Nextion 10.1″ display, just let me know so I can re-arrange the display.

I can display whatever your ECU can push out via CAN bus. Just need to make sure there is enough room on your display. We can coordinate on what you want displayed. Get with me on my PiDash by AB Facebook page.