Mausberry Support Demo for PiDash by AB, General news.

Apologies. I’ve been working in the IT world quite a bit. From IT security to software development. There was a break in the clouds so I knocked this out real quick.

Another bit of news, I am integrating various options for PiDash by AB in an all-in-one piece of software I’m writing. It’ll make it easier for the End User to accomplish various tasks in a neat package. Screenshot of “PiDash by AB Updater”. Its actually an old pic. I’ve added more buttons for features it will be doing. The display will show other information also. So take this more of a proof of concept since it will look different.

Update to the site: I’ve removed instructions on how to speed up PiDash. Seems as though some people want to use my work and sell it. They can figure it out on their own.

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  1. Avatar A. Simmonds
    A. Simmonds says:

    I’ve been looking into creating an in car system based on the Pi. It seems like it would be useful to go with Raspberry Pi 4 compute module sitting on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 IO Board, when they become available. It can be directly supplied by 12v, and has an built in real time clock as well as a dedicated fan power connector, as well as the standard Pi 4 goodies. It also supports PCIe Gen 2 x1 socket, which might provide access to more exotic devices not normally supported by a Pi.
    I haven’t seen any mods for cooling for this setup yet, but I’m guessing that won’t be too difficult to arrange.
    The main limitations seem to be that the 8Gb version can only be bought in bulk (200+), so for the average tinkerer it’s limited to 4Gb RAM.
    Is this something your looking forward to?

    • I dont see myself using one. It does have an RTC which is nice so that eliminates another thing to buy. I wouldnt mind trying out the 4TB/32gb eMMC/wireless setup but in general the Pi 4 works well in a small and compact setup. For just TunerStudio, 4GB is easily enough memory.