New Braunfels Swap Meet 2016

Here’s a few pics from the annual New Braunfels Swap Meet.   Its a really cool place to go for hotrodders.  I didnt see many “new” Chevy items for sale (LSx specific).  I dont really look for Ford or other stuff but I think a Ford mod motor would have caught my eye.  Its mostly old school SBC/SBF setups.   I did find a LS3 log manifold setup that I’m using for my friends turbo kit that I am fabbing up.  It had just rained so I figured I’d take a pic of the mud…LOL.   Its a 3 day event, Friday thru Sunday.   If you’re looking for a hotrod, deals can be made’ll also find overpriced junk here too.  There was a guy selling complete engines, turnkey.  Kinda pricey, but they are tested and you can fire them up right on the spot.  Comes with a dyno sheet with full specs also.


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