Updates on my rig..

Well, the turbo Camaro is patiently waiting for a TH400 transmission.  I ended up taking my trans and all parts I bought to Winners Circle Transmissions for them to build it.  I ended up taking the core apart, putting it back together but didnt feel comfortable building one that will go behind a 900hp turbo Camaro.   Here’s some pics of what I bought, it was all from CK Performance.  Not pictured is the TH400 master rebuild kit with Alto red clutches, steels, etc.  Pictured is the reverse manual valve body with a trans brake, billet input shaft, forged steel rollerized forward clutch hub, 6 clutch direct clutch housing w/34 element sprag, 4 clutch billet intermediate pressure plate, billet sun gear shaft.  This setup will easily hold 1500hp at the minimum.   I had to yank out my engine and mockup th400 transmission while I wait for mine to get built.   While that was done, I had to replace the “muscle car oil pan” since it still sat too low and installed a F-body pan, pickup tube, windage tray and also had a -10AN return tapped into the side.  You’ll also notice I test fit the new fabricated intake with a Nick Williams 102mm throttle body onto the engine.  I’ll need to modify the throttle body since it doesnt open up all the way.  The TB hits the intake so I’ll need to grind the throttle cable guide a little to clear (pic shows the interference).  Also pictured is a flexplate that enables my 6.0 LS to bolt up to a TH400 with the converter without needing to round out the converter holes on said flexplate.  The pic under my Camaro is where you can see the muscle car pan.  It just sits too low.





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