Fabricating a turbo kit for a friend.

While I’m waiting on my transmission to get finished, I decided to start fabbing up a turbo setup for my friend John.  Best way to learn how to fabricate and to get better at welding is to keep doing it.  I’ve got another setup to do after this for a friend also, that’ll be a twin turbo 5.3 LS.   More on that later.   John’s setup is a 5.3L LS with a gt45 t4 turbo.   Those LS3 manifolds I picked up at the New Braunfels swap meet, well, here they are.  Grinded off some tabs, casting and then the 2 bolt flange was grounded off.  Tac-welded some 3″ v-band flanges on to it.  Still need to grind it a little better where the 2-bolt flange used to be to make it more rounded.  Its not necessary to do so, but it’ll “look better”.   I also made a bracket to hold the gt45 since its heavy.   I’m not super happy with the bracket but it looks ok.  The manifolds had some sort of provision for a sensor, so I filled that in, looks clean.


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