More updates..

Finally got around to doing a few things on my setup.  Installed the fabricated intake, SFI flexplate, converter and put it all back in the car.   Did the final weld on the downpipe and made a small bracket to hold it up.   Next up is mounting the dual fan setup to the radiator.  Its a super tight fit.  Then modifying the water pump to block off the heater since I will not be running one.  I also had to modify my old cold side since it was for the blow-thru setup, not the new EFI setup.  Turbo to IC done, still need to modify what I have from IC to intake.  Cooling setup first though.  The shot under the Camaro is with the new F-body oil pan, much better clearance than before!

20160605_184427   resized-20160423_163501   20160528_123938 20160528_123945 20160604_190754downpipe_done20160528_125449  20160604_201711 20160605_113612 20160605_113644