More updates…again..

Well, it was time to mount the fans on the radiator.  With the guidance of Mike @ RAR Racing here in San Antonio, I put this together.    The fit is perfect and it also provides excellent support to the fans along with a “shroud” like effect.   Also at RAR Racing, the waterpump was tapped and plugged since I’m not going to be using a heater.   Installed both the waterpump and the new fan setup and also got started on the final piece from the intercooler to the throttle body.  Also getting started on the gauge cluster.  Going to remove the gauges my car came with and redoing the aluminum piece and adding the SpeedHut gauges I bought.


20160606_170333 20160606_174139 20160606_183735  20160609_203429



The water pump lines up perfect.




Getting started on the last tubing from the IC to the throttle body.  Reused some old tubing I had.  Going from 4″ –> 3.5″ to 3″.



Time to setup my gauge cluster…

20160612_195617 20160610_151236