Almost time for wiring

Looks like its going to be time to drop off the turbo Camaro at a friends shop for some total rewiring, EFI install, Fuel system install and some small stuff.   I think I’ve done all I can and now leave the wiring to an expert.


My EFI setup is from EFI Source – MS3 Gold Box.   It has everything you need to go EFI, from 80# injectors to the ECU, complete wiring, documentation and a base tune to get your car running.  The fuel system I’m going with is from Magnafuel, its their MP-4303 pump and is going along with their pre/post fuel filters.   The injectors with the kit, I read that they dont support 1000HP, which is fine, since my engine has a stock rotating assembly.   We’ll cap it at 900HP.  LOL.  Juuusssttt about done with this turbo car.

efi_resized2016-08-11 17.24.08


Last but not least, I finally installed my manual tensioner from ICT BIllet.  Lines up perfectly.


2016-08-20 11.42.48 2016-08-20 11.42.38