Raspberry Pi Dash

If you’re like me, the default gauge package you install is probably real gauges. I’m running the SpeedHut gauge package that was around $700 or so with a GPS speedo.

With technology and an ECU like the one I’m running, the EFI Source Gold Box you’re able to run TunerStudio and take advantage of making your own gauges or modifying the gauges that come with it. TunerStudio is written in Java, so most newer operating systems like Linux and Windows are able to run this natively. Hell, you can even replace ALL OF YOUR GAUGES for about $135.

Here comes the Raspberry PI. Its a small computer that many have used for things such as retro-gaming, small computing and various projects. What I’m doing is setting up a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with a 7″ touch screen display, 64GB microSD card, Raspbian Linux, GPS and of course, TunerStudio.
In one pic you’ll see my gauges in full screen mode. I’ll make a video reviewing this setup soon.

Here are some pics:

7″ Touchscreen 1024×600 display, car power supply.
Raspberry Pi 3B+
TunerStudio running under Raspbian Linux and a small USB keyboard/touchpad combo.
GPS Configured!
The current dash I’ll use in TunerStudio
Crusing around town in my Turbo LS powered Camaro!