Remote LS Tuning

If you have an aftermarket ECU in your LS, you’ve got to get a hold of Scott Clark @ RealTuners, LLC.

He’s the guy who remote’s into my laptop to tune my Turbo Camaro.
Its best you have some sort of mechanical knowledge/diagnosing knowledge though or have someone who does that way you can diagnose locally if there is an issue that needs to be looked at. For example, a boost leak, or verifying timing at the engine vs what your ECU is reporting.

He is very skilled at tuning, especially modified LS combinations with aftermarket ECUs.

Currently I’m at 7# boost to knock out any issues on my setup. Fixing to swap out springs to bump it up to 15#. Then next month I’m getting a LS engine with aftermarket internals and heads built for some real boost! Stay tuned!

At any rate, here’s a vid of my Camaro on a cold morning.