Updated pics of the Turbo Camaro

Had a local shop here in San Antonio, Lethal Performance, do some work for me.  They’ve done quite a bit on my other cars.   Being that I’m a newbie fabricator, I learned the hard way about fitment when fabbing up a turbo setup.  Who better to learn from than Lethal.   It started with me just wanting small stuff, for example, just modify what I have and “make it fit”.  It was easier/cleaner/quicker for the to just redo my hot side.  Being that I want to start the New Year off with much less work to do on my car, I just dropped them a to-do list.  I’ll take better pics a little bit later.

Hood “pins”, TurboSmart 60mm Wastegate, hot side redone, radiator and intercooler mounted, core support redone.  Not much left at the shop.  Once its back, I’ll start on the TH400 and converter install, then on to other things like gauges, fuel system and the best part, FiTech fuel injection.  1000HP OR BUST!



20151208_151143 20151208_150317 20151208_151118 20151208_150052 20151208_150040