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  • Just about done with the turbo setup

    Got a few minutes in last night to work some more.  Used some 3.5″ tubing to make the inlet to the CSU carb hat and then a 3″ -> 3.5″ reducer that connects the out from the intercooler to the tubing going to my carb hat.  Painters tape comes in handy as you’ll see in one of the pictures.  I used it to tape together the tubing to make sure I had the angle right, that way when I close the hood it doesnt hit the tubing.   If I get time I’ll finish it tonight.


    20150603_174155_resized   mockup_carbhat_inlet20150609_192924_resized20150609_193732_resized

  • Some new updates..nothin to write home about though.

    In my previous update I did the turbo –> intercooler tubing but needed another silicone coupler.  Bought that along with some tubing so I can finish routing from the intercooler –> carb hat.  Waiting on my CSU Carbs carb hat to come in and after that, relocating my radiator to the back underneath.  Should be pretty fuckin awesome.

    When I first took welding lessons I picked up a Harbor Freight welding helmet, well, it was time for a better helmet so I ended up buying a Save Phace Venom helmet and boy..big difference…price wise also.  The Harbor Freight Helmet is $55 and the Save Phace is $160, but while welding, big difference in how clear you can see while welding.  Highly recommend it.  Anyway, pics of intercooler tubing, more tubing and of course the new helmet.


    20150528_170547 20150528_170602 20150528_170621 11254315_10206842649129926_2587503208547588268_n 11351117_10206836631219482_6076648129499435376_n


  • More progress on the “race setup”

    About 90% done with the down pipe, also a pic of my alternator mounted on the water pump (I’ll be replacing it..the junky one is used as a mock up).  The alternator has a little over 1″ adjustment..had to cut off a tab on the thermostat housing also.  Looks like it’ll work just fine.  I have the intercooler piping done.  I dont like the drivers side..needs some adjusting.  Had to order a silicone coupler to make it fit the way I want.  Temporarily it’ll be fine until the coupler gets in.


    20150522_181904_small 20150524_193703_small20150524_193726_small20150527_184931_small20150527_184922_small

  • Squeezed in 2.5hrs of work…

    Finally getting settled into the new house and had some time to work.  I got my entire turbo rig coated, but didnt take pics.  I’ll do that next week when I complete the fab work.  Ended up cutting out the battery tray area and overflow tank area with my plasma cutter.  Going to run exhaust on the passenger side, right under the fender (temporarily), along with the outlet of the intercooler will run go thru the same cutout.  On the drivers side, the outlet of the turbo will go to the intercooler thru that cutout along with air coming into the turbo.  Need more parts, so I had to order some.  Not much progress, but did put a 5″ v-band and flange on the hot side, an elbow on my turbo and tack welded my cold side on the intercooler.  I should have the entire cold side done next week along with the exhaust.


    20150510_135510_small 20150510_140131_small 20150520_180924_small 20150520_185542_small 20150510_133337_small

  • Modifying hot side for a wastegate

    As I dropped off the hotside to get coated, I completely forgot about adding provisions for a wastegate.   Hurried up and got the hotside back from Kendricks and make the changes.  Picked up a  Precision Turbo 39mm wastegate.  Once I get it back from getting coated, I’ll work on the exhaust.  I’ll have 2 setups, race and street.  Initially, I’ll have the race setup fabbed up which means my exhaust will dump right under my passenger side fender.

    20150129_175205 20150129_183415 20150129_175608 20150129_183350 IMG_1525 20150127_214514



  • Turbo setup update


    Well, I took my manifolds to Kendrick Automotive to get thermal coated.   Since they came out so nice, I ended up dropping off the rest of the hot-side to get coated.   In the pic below, I have the hotside in 3 pieces, its fully welded now and getting the thermal coat job.   I’m going to end up relocating the radiator so that leaves room for an intercooler.  Bought a 31x12x4 intercooler from CXRacing.   Its mounted and ready to rock!

    20150109_154806 20150109_154820 20150109_162819 20150111_180734 intercooler1

  • Making progress on the Turbo setup and a new toy in the tool shed.

    I need to mount the radiator somewhere a little further north that way I can have room for the dual Derale fan setup.   I made some L brackets and welded it to the metal that supports the front end.  The bracket sits about flush with the front lip.   Right now the car sits a little high, maybe with a full trans (its gutted right now) and whatever small parts I have, it’ll lower it a little.  If not, I’ll replace the Moroso drag springs with some that lower the car and I’ll counteract that with 27″ tall tires.  Just need to fill up the wheel well in the front since it looks like a 4×4.

    Another “minor note”…I picked up a very nice Harbor Freight Plasma cutter.   COULDN’T BE HAPPIER!  Sells for $699..bought it brand new for $400 off of Craigslist.  I used it to cut out the old core support and radiator brackets.

    On the exaust coming out the turbo, I’m initially going to dump it by the passenger fender.  After I tune it and get it ready for the street, it’ll have a full exhaust.



    20141226_135155 20141226_13520220141226_173637 20141226_173649