Making progress on the Turbo setup and a new toy in the tool shed.

I need to mount the radiator somewhere a little further north that way I can have room for the dual Derale fan setup.   I made some L brackets and welded it to the metal that supports the front end.  The bracket sits about flush with the front lip.   Right now the car sits a little high, maybe with a full trans (its gutted right now) and whatever small parts I have, it’ll lower it a little.  If not, I’ll replace the Moroso drag springs with some that lower the car and I’ll counteract that with 27″ tall tires.  Just need to fill up the wheel well in the front since it looks like a 4×4.

Another “minor note”…I picked up a very nice Harbor Freight Plasma cutter.   COULDN’T BE HAPPIER!  Sells for $699..bought it brand new for $400 off of Craigslist.  I used it to cut out the old core support and radiator brackets.

On the exaust coming out the turbo, I’m initially going to dump it by the passenger fender.  After I tune it and get it ready for the street, it’ll have a full exhaust.



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