New engine, new parts, time for paint!

My rebuild of the LQ4 engine out of a 2005 Chevy HD pickup is complete.  I opted for just a stock rebuild and added a TU2 Cam from Speed Inc.  Yea..I could have done the 4340 crank, rods with forged dished pistons but I didnt.  This is just the first incarnation of this engine.   Next one will have the “good stuff” in it.   I ended up painting the block and valve covers..came out pretty good.  Shootin’ for 9’s in the 1/4.

In addition to this, I picked up a 4″ Fiberglass Cowl bolt on hood from Liberty Fiberglass and saved a few bucks over buying a Harwood hood, also added a new chin spoiler which was almost as expensive as the hood.  The hood itself is a good piece for $285.  I used to have another Camaro, an ’85, which had a Harwood hood.  I dont see any difference in quality between these two, other than this one is cheaper.

Now she’s off to the body shop for a paint job.  🙂


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