Paint booth after pics and welding class..

Instead of paying someone to fab up my turbo kit, I decided to go to a quick class to teach me the basics of welding.  Starting with safety first, then torch.  Up next is plasma cutting, then arc welding, and finally MIG welding.  A friend of mine bought a new welder and let me borrow his Century 225 MIG welder, then I picked up a fairly heavy table that I will use to weld on.

So here are some pics of my Camaro in various paint stages, then after, me using a torch and finally my welding area.   My welding area seems kinda small, then again, it’ll do for now.  The pics of my Camaro which are not on the trailer, but painted..its dusty.  The only clean pic is of it on the trailer.

The color of my Camaro is called “Cosmic Silver”.  After a few weeks, I should have some pics of the turbo kit I’m fixing to fab up.


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