Port Flow Calculator for a SuperFlo SF600

Kendrick Automotive, a local shop that builds my engines, has a SF600 Flowbench.  They had some software written years back in DOS that would take the values from a SF600, compute various things like Previous CFM and Current CFM (meaning, after porting) and would print out results showing % Gain and then Exhaust to Intake ratio which is awesome to have when designing a custom cam.  Well their hard drive with the software decided it was about done working and that was it.  No backups.  All gone.    Well, in the real world, I’m a UNIX Admin/WebLogic Admin/Software Engineer.  So I decided it was something I could throw together pretty quick under Linux and built a Port Flow Calculator.   Basically the summary above tells you what input it takes.  It will generate a printout  (see screenshot) of the results that you can give your customer.  All heads flowed are saved to a database for later re-printing or reviewing.  Its Freeware/Emailware.  Basically, if you use it, tell me “Hey Alex, thanks..your stuff works!” and thats about it.  If you find a bug, email me and I’ll fix it.  It runs under Linux because Windows sucks.    Here are a few screenshots.  Its just about done.  I need to add a small section where you can add your company name to it (second screenshot shows it incomplete) and it will show up on the report, then some minor tweaks.  Also a pic of the printout below (yea I know..I should have scanned it.. LOL).  I have some dummy data in there so the report might look a little hokey.


Port Flow Calculator Released.


pfc  calib_defaults add_customer flow_headpfc_printout

2 Responses to Port Flow Calculator for a SuperFlo SF600

  1. If possible, I would like to get a copy of the Port Flow Calculator software.

    I’m not a big Linux user, but I’ll try and make it work.

    Thanks for doing this !!!!

    • Yes..I’m just about done. If you look at the screenshot where it shows “Name, address, city” etc..thats part of the incomplete stuff. I’ll work on it tonight, I didnt think anyone would REALLY want to use it. lol. As far as Linux.. its simple as hell to use. I’ll do a write up on how to install Linux Mint and this software after I finish this.