Updates, upgrades to the turbo Camaro

Getting suuuper close. The closer we get, the closer *I* get to work on the new CAN based Arduino dash for the MS3 Gold box.

Required changes for the 1000+ hp this turbo Camaro will put down.

MANY updates being done from wiring, fuel system, to safety over the past 3 months. Features such as bump box functionality, boost controller both controlled by my EFI setup, line lock, Kirkey alum seats, flex fuel sensor that way I can run both e85 or 93 pump, support for dual fuel pumps for when I need it, removing the Painless switch panel and condensing to just two switches needed, relocating trans cooler, adding driveshaft loop, replace all fuel lines with PTFE, adding an aluminum console with cupholders (need that! LOL), updated fuel system to be a return type instead of dead head and I’m sure I’ve forgotten things. Everything that can be controlled by the awesome MS3 Gold Box EFI, will be. Super excited!

The new LS engine from H-Squared Racing isnt fully broken in yet, have about 250 miles on it. Will be looking to put more miles before I can get into real boost and then the e85 switch. Enjoy the pics my friends!