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  • More changes to the turbo setup / TH400 build

    Long time no update..

    I’ve had my car at a local shop since I’ve been busy with work and the real world.  Previously I had to make room for the intercooler and radiator.   The problem was that my turbo hotside from the manifolds to the turbo should have been tucked closer to the engine.  Since I did not do that, the wastegate would hit the dual fan setup.  Talk about a bummer.  That was the biggest issue.   So I took my car to a local shop and they basically redid what I fabbed up.   Oh well, got me a little closer to getting done.   Here are some pics of how the setup looks.   As you can see, there is also PLENTY of room for the drivers side alternator mount.  I also switched to a Corvette LS2 crank pulley that I need to install.  It looks like I took 4 steps forward and 3 back, but actually this was a huge help for me since now everything fits.  Next is the TH400 trans.


    The TH400 that I need is about $1500 that can hold 1000HP, or from someone I’ve used before its $1900.   After watching some Youtube vids on TH400 building and my wife pitching in and buying me two books on TH400 building, I figured I’d get after it and build my own transmission.  Right now I have it torn down and am waiting on parts to come in.


    First things first..I need a TH400 bracket that I can bolt to a bench.  They run about $175.   Well I ran across this bench and TH400 bracket for $150.



    Then I found this working TH400 core, so I put it on the bench.  Looks good next to my toolbox.  🙂   The two books are the ones I’ve been reading.




    And here is the TH400 and all its innards.




    The above pic..looks like we have a chipped tooth which holds a retaining ring.  I think it’ll be ok.

    resized-20160212_124751 resized-20160212_131129 resized-20160212_120439resized-20160212_153921




    Another small issue.  Broken piece off where the trans pan bolts to.   I noticed 2 bolts missing but didnt see this until I removed the pan.   If I need to, I’ll have this fixed.



    Cleaning it off with a pressure washer.   Looks ok, but needs to now be cleaned by hand.



    Bought new tools for assembly and there’s the case for the TH400.





  • New sheetmetal intake for the Turbo Camaro

    Going slowly down here in Texas.  With Christmas around the corner, I decided to get my turbo car a present.  Picked up a 102mm sheetmetal intake off of ebay.


    Height: 9″
    Material Thickness: 3 millimeters
    Throttle Body Opening: 102 millimeters
    Intake total length: 20 inches

    Came with 3/4″ high flow fuel rails, gaskets, hardware and a braided fuel crossover line.  It has 3 vacuum ports.

    intakeresized3 intakebottom_resized intake_resized


  • Updated pics of the Turbo Camaro

    Had a local shop here in San Antonio, Lethal Performance, do some work for me.  They’ve done quite a bit on my other cars.   Being that I’m a newbie fabricator, I learned the hard way about fitment when fabbing up a turbo setup.  Who better to learn from than Lethal.   It started with me just wanting small stuff, for example, just modify what I have and “make it fit”.  It was easier/cleaner/quicker for the to just redo my hot side.  Being that I want to start the New Year off with much less work to do on my car, I just dropped them a to-do list.  I’ll take better pics a little bit later.

    Hood “pins”, TurboSmart 60mm Wastegate, hot side redone, radiator and intercooler mounted, core support redone.  Not much left at the shop.  Once its back, I’ll start on the TH400 and converter install, then on to other things like gauges, fuel system and the best part, FiTech fuel injection.  1000HP OR BUST!



    20151208_151143 20151208_150317 20151208_151118 20151208_150052 20151208_150040

  • New turbo setup coated and installed

    Its been a long journey..from learning how to weld to fabbing up my own turbo setup.   It took so long because I don’t really spend every day working on it.  Sometimes 4 hours, sometimes 2 weeks later I start up again.  Something called work and family gets in the way 😉   Well, he’s the coated tubing, tubing installed and also a  BG400 fuel pump, filter and gauge I picked up thanks to Kendrick Automotive.  I also sprayed the down pipe with some “Flame Proof” spray paint, supposedly it’ll withstand 1200*.


    20150702_121401_resized 20150703_151959_resized 20150703_163921_resized 20150703_163953_resized 20150703_164006_resized 20150703_163909_resized

  • Just about done with the turbo setup

    Got a few minutes in last night to work some more.  Used some 3.5″ tubing to make the inlet to the CSU carb hat and then a 3″ -> 3.5″ reducer that connects the out from the intercooler to the tubing going to my carb hat.  Painters tape comes in handy as you’ll see in one of the pictures.  I used it to tape together the tubing to make sure I had the angle right, that way when I close the hood it doesnt hit the tubing.   If I get time I’ll finish it tonight.


    20150603_174155_resized   mockup_carbhat_inlet20150609_192924_resized20150609_193732_resized

  • Some new updates..nothin to write home about though.

    In my previous update I did the turbo –> intercooler tubing but needed another silicone coupler.  Bought that along with some tubing so I can finish routing from the intercooler –> carb hat.  Waiting on my CSU Carbs carb hat to come in and after that, relocating my radiator to the back underneath.  Should be pretty fuckin awesome.

    When I first took welding lessons I picked up a Harbor Freight welding helmet, well, it was time for a better helmet so I ended up buying a Save Phace Venom helmet and boy..big difference…price wise also.  The Harbor Freight Helmet is $55 and the Save Phace is $160, but while welding, big difference in how clear you can see while welding.  Highly recommend it.  Anyway, pics of intercooler tubing, more tubing and of course the new helmet.


    20150528_170547 20150528_170602 20150528_170621 11254315_10206842649129926_2587503208547588268_n 11351117_10206836631219482_6076648129499435376_n


  • More progress on the “race setup”

    About 90% done with the down pipe, also a pic of my alternator mounted on the water pump (I’ll be replacing it..the junky one is used as a mock up).  The alternator has a little over 1″ adjustment..had to cut off a tab on the thermostat housing also.  Looks like it’ll work just fine.  I have the intercooler piping done.  I dont like the drivers side..needs some adjusting.  Had to order a silicone coupler to make it fit the way I want.  Temporarily it’ll be fine until the coupler gets in.


    20150522_181904_small 20150524_193703_small20150524_193726_small20150527_184931_small20150527_184922_small

  • Squeezed in 2.5hrs of work…

    Finally getting settled into the new house and had some time to work.  I got my entire turbo rig coated, but didnt take pics.  I’ll do that next week when I complete the fab work.  Ended up cutting out the battery tray area and overflow tank area with my plasma cutter.  Going to run exhaust on the passenger side, right under the fender (temporarily), along with the outlet of the intercooler will run go thru the same cutout.  On the drivers side, the outlet of the turbo will go to the intercooler thru that cutout along with air coming into the turbo.  Need more parts, so I had to order some.  Not much progress, but did put a 5″ v-band and flange on the hot side, an elbow on my turbo and tack welded my cold side on the intercooler.  I should have the entire cold side done next week along with the exhaust.


    20150510_135510_small 20150510_140131_small 20150520_180924_small 20150520_185542_small 20150510_133337_small