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  • So I sold the ’67 Chevy II and replaced it with another toy..

    I go thru “alot” of cars.  By alot I mean I dunno, I put ’em together, I like it, get tired of it and sell it…then the cycle restarts and I get something else.  This will probably be the last one for a while..until I get tired of it. One thing for sure, I’m going to run the shit out of it at the track!  LOL!

    Here’s the next project..needed to replace a few parts since they wouldnt work on the street and/or were just crap parts.  Doors had lexan along with the windshield, hood was junk.   Bought some doors off of a Camaro with manual windows and had a new windshield installed and also replaced the rear bumper cover.

    Specs on the Camaro:
    1991 Camaro
    4 link Back halfed
    Ford 9″ with 35 Spline Moser Axles, 4.30 gears
    12 point certified cage to 8.50 that is current
    Halon fire system
    Pro Bandit pistol grip shifter with shiftnoid
    Built driveshaft
    I also picked up a 6.0L LQ4 engine out of a 2004 Chevy 2500 pickup truck and a TU2 Cam from Speed Inc.  I’m having the engine rebuilt at Kendrick Automotive.  In addition to this, I also picked up a Borg Warner s475 turbo.

    Here’s a few under construction pics..

    resized-20140118_202802resized-20140119_121715 resized-20140119_121613resized-20140124_204019IMG_20140210_125954272IMG_20140210_122938442 IMG_20140210_125541573 resized-20140119_154516  resized-20140119_121731 resized-20140119_121751 resized-20140227_104816cam    resized-20140124_220242